Gaining Traction

Yesterday was a hard day.

It started when I got out of the shower at 7 am.  My 13 year old brought me the baby and started happily chatting.  My response was, “Brook Lynne, I am having a very bad day.  Can we talk later?”

I went to get a glass of water before I made my breakfast.  Drip.  Drip.  Drip.  My 14 year old told me that he had intended to tell me that he put the last jug of water on the water cooler the day before, but he forgot.

I told my child that suffers from anxiety to TOUGHEN UP.  Then I walked away.

I promised said child with anxiety that I would be at the church the whole time she was in her class, so she had nothing to worry about.  Then, I loaded my toddlers and baby back up and went back home to pick up the kids’ supper that was forgotten on the counter.

I caught myself talking to my children at church in a tone of voice that I wouldn’t generally use outside my home.  I don’t even like using that tone of voice INSIDE my HOME!

I left the bible study class that I usually attend and took my 2 year old to the nursery (something I rarely do) and LEFT HER THERE (something I have never done.).  Then, I walked the hall with my baby, enjoying 30 minutes of “alone-time” (you know, in the middle of a busy church hallway) instead of going back to class.

During the 5 minute drive home, I had several moments of panic, counted the kids multiple times (‘cuz that’s what you do when you have eleventeen children.  You count them instead of trying to remember all their names), certain that I must have forgotten one somewhere.  I hadn’t, by the way.

Yep.  Yesterday was one of those days that could be best characterized as do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do.


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