Taking Inventory

This has been a rough week.  Due to itchy eczema on his face, Silas isn’t sleeping.  On average, I am up 8-10 times each night putting him back to sleep.  For now, it’s quiet in the house.  As I sit quietly taking mental inventory of my life, I am amazed at differently life has turned out than what I expected.

David and I have lived in 8 different homes during the time we have been married.  The have ranged from 550 sq. ft. (with 5 kids) to 2700 sq. ft. (with 7 kids) to 1700 sq. ft. currently (with 8 kids).

I have been pregnant 10 times.  I had my first child as a single mom living at home with my parents.  David and I got married when Bryan was 6 years old.  Since then, I have given birth 9 more times and had one miscarriage.  Although I have always loved children, I had no idea I would want or have a large family.

During the 15 years that David and I have been married, there have only been 8 months (cumulatively) that I have not been nursing or pregnant.

I have AMAZING friends.  You don’t get to choose the friends that stick with you through thick and thin.  They just do.  Sometimes your best friends are those that you didn’t care for very much when you first meet them.  Sometimes that life-long friend is someone that you met in kindergarten.  Sometimes that life-long friend is someone you met during  your current season in life.   I have friends that I love dearly in each of these categories.

I’m always fascinated at what God can do when you are broken. The months after my oldest son ran away from home were some of the toughest I have had to walk through.  In spite of the emotional roller coaster, I managed to pull myself together and teach a bible study to recovering drug addicts and reached out and purposefully formed friendships with several young pregnant girls/single moms.  I still feel affection for each of these women and enjoy hearing how they are doing.

Sounds of an itchy scratchy baby are coming from down the hall.  Duty calls.


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