Bio: My name is Darlene. I am David’s wife and the momma to 9 kids. I never saw myself with all these kids. It just kind of happened (if you know me, then you understand…). We live on an acre of land in a small town in Texas. I homeschool our children while my husband works for the family business. You’ll occasionally see my husband’s comments in my posts. He’s my editor, keeping me on my toes with his dry sense of humor. I’m the silly one (you know he likes it…), coming up with all these crazy ideas like, “Hey, honey, I’ve heard of this thing called homeschooling. Can we try it?” “Do you care if I try breastfeeding?” And my all time favorite: “Honey, I’m pregnant again. All our hospital births have been rotten. Get this, there are women who actually give birth to their babies at home! Can we try it this time?” And here we are, preparing for our 9th child/6th homebirth. We’re not your typical modern family, but we are not radically conservative either. We have found our balance somewhere in between. We’re just your “normal”, smallish, big family finding our place in the world.

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